Prevention is the highest form of health care. The best way to take advantage of methods to control myopia is to detect it as early as possible. Even if your child is not complaining of vision problems, it is important to schedule yearly eye examinations that look at more than just a structural model of eye testing.

A comprehensive eye examination is a functional model of eye testing, which looks at the eye-brain connection to assess how effectively the eyes are working, and not just clarity of sight.

School screenings conducted in 2016 by our practitioners with primary school age children found that 28% failed sight screening, 56% had an accommodation or focusing issue and 80% failed in some aspect that involves their perceptual and/or functional vision skills. These results clearly show that your child may be suffering from vision problems that often go unnoticed during standard eye tests and routine eye screenings.

The earlier myopia is controlled, the less likely it is to become more severe.

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